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飞行日航1628– 'One 的 的Best Documented 飞碟 Cases Ever'

飞碟 Drawing Re JAL 1628 Flight 飞碟 Incident

     November 17 的 this year will mark 的33rd anniversary 的 one 的 的best documented 飞碟 cases ever, and it happened in 的skies above Alaska. Three 飞碟s played tag with Japan Air Lines (JAL) cargo flight 1628 for 50 minutes while they were visually observed by a sometimes terrified flight crew. During 的last 30 minutes 的UFOs were tracked on military and
劳伦斯·维斯(Lawrence D.Weiss)
civilian radar, and 的entire encounter was verified by a high-level administrator 的 的Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The incident received media coverage all over 的world. Here’s what happened....


约翰·卡拉汉 & The 日航1628 飞碟 Encounter;最终确认的FAA凭证-pt2-

保罗·迪恩 保罗·迪恩(Paul Dean)

      通过 anyone’按照措施,在1986年11月17日晚上,阿拉斯加的天空受到了非同寻常的访问。1628年航班,日本航空有前排座位。非常简短,持续31分钟,三个UFO ’s 的 varying forms were witnessed by a flight crew 的 three, as well as ground-based air traffic controllers watching primary radar display screens. Hundreds 的 pages 的 authorized, 正式 released records appeared in 的public domain within months 的 的event. Furthermore, 约翰·卡拉汉, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Chief 的 事故,评估和调查 came forward in 2001 with far more to add to 的story. The question I have attempted, in 的last four months, to answer is whether 约翰·卡拉汉 did indeed head 的FAA roles he has always claimed; and, if so, how can we verify those claims, and to what degree 的 satisfaction. As this is Part 2 的 this series, for anyone not up to speed, I would encourage them to appraise Part 1, which can be found 这里 .

On 19, 2015, after lengthy email exchanges, Callahan posted to me an impressive 51 pages 的 resume material and 的 ficial 联邦航空局 employment documents which detailed 他的 entire career. What surprised me 的most was that these records were not copies, but 原件。这些曾经是 – 的paper, 的ink, 的rubber stamping – certainly none 的 it was thrown together recently. Space and time restrict me from displaying 的entire 51 page file 这里 , but I will most certainly present some 的 的more important pages. For example, Callahan provides us with a mulit-page Federal Office 的 Management and Budget “Form 171”. On 的个人资格声明 第1页的续页“雇主名称和地址’s organization”导致输入“FAA ATS-1华盛顿总部”. The box to 的right 的 asks for “雇用日期(提供月份和年份)”被回答的“Oct. 1986年 to present”。最重要的是,第三个盒子要求“职位的确切名称”. The phrase “部门经理调查/评估”回答了本节,值得庆幸的是。“直属主管姓名” is entered as “Harvey B. Safeer”。实际页面本身在这里:

个人资格声明 - 约翰·卡拉汉

Thus it is established, on a legally binding Federal Government form, that Callahan was indeed employed with 的FAA in Washington DC in 的year 1986年. This is precisely 的first claim I wanted to verify. The second issue was 的not-insignificant matter 的 all this “事故,评估和调查” business that he says he managed. As one can see above, 的term “调查/评估 ” is listed. But 哪里 is 的term “Accidents”?卡拉汉一直声称自己参加了竞选“意外事故,评估和调查”. The answer to this can be found when we move on to another page 的 他的 employment records. It turns out that just 事前 给他管理“调查/评估 ”(或正如卡拉汉通常所说的“…。评估与调查”) 他的 role happened to be manager 的 的“事故/事故分析”科。而且,在那个时期他 manager 的 的“Quality Control” branch.

Confused yet? To simplify all this, I highlight 他的 “美国联邦航空局总部经验” page 的 他的 lengthy resume. The top few line items read:


联邦航空局 总部经验

ATS 100评估处。

Jul 85 to Oct 86 Branch Manager 品管科
and 事故/事故分析 Branch, AAT 60
Below is 的copy 的 this page.


因此,总而言之,在两年的时间里,卡拉汉跑了 的“事故/事故分析处” and 的“调查评价课”. Critically, this period was from July 1985 to after 的beginning 的 1987 – which is precisely when 的JAL 1628 incident occurred. One may ask why Callahan never made any 的 this clearer in 的various documentary appearances and conference presentations he has been a part 的 . Obviously, to list 的above position titles in full is not what listeners or viewers quite need to hear. The general notion that he was managing multiple areas 的 critical 联邦航空局 的 ficialdom in a very short period 的 time is more than enough. However, two things were entirely new 新闻 to me. Keen readers may have noticed that 他的 “Accidents”分支实际上是标题“事故/事故分析” Branch, and, while managing it he was 也 managing 的“品管科”! Much 的 this is mere semantics, but it does make clear 的exact nature 的 的roles and responsibilities Callahan had in this 1985 to 1987 time period.

More specific than 的above imaged list 的 roles, another page in Callahan’s resume contains a full paragraph 的 summarised roles he held going back to 的late 1970’s. This page acts as a cover sheet to a dozen pages 的 far more detailed position duties and role responsibilities, and 的core 的 it matter-of-factually reads:
“Presently assigned as Division Manager Investigation/Evaluation Division, ATS-100. Prior to this assignment I held 的position 的 Branch Manager for 都 的品管科, AAT-63 and 的Accident/Incident Branch, AAT-340. I have 也 held 的following positions: Assistant Staff Manager, Quality Assurance Division, ACT-60; Assistant Division Manager, Test and Evaluation Division, ACT-500; Branch Manager, National Automation Support Branch, AAT-550; Assistant Chief, National Enroute Data System Branch-540, and other managerial and supervisory positions in Air Route Traffic Control Facilities.”
Here it is, imaged from 约翰·卡拉汉’s resume material:

约翰·卡拉汉’s  恢复  Material

To sum up, there are over 50 pages 的 material similar to what I have been able to present 这里 . As stated before, Callahan sent me 的original file, and it held up to scrutiny. So armchair sceptics can move on to greener pastures, because 的providence 的 约翰·卡拉汉 is firmly and finally established. So does any 的 this matter? I argue that it matters enormously. Testing 的credentials 的 someone directly involved with one 的 的most potent 飞碟 cases in 他的tory is surely 的 great significance as we painstakingly continue to compile 的history 的 的UFO matter for future generations. Possibly 的 greater importance is that it may encourage other high ranking 的 ficials to 也 come forward and risk disclosing their role in 的UFO matter. Of course, none 的 this solves 的actual case. I 的 ten wonder what became 的 pilot Kenji Teriuchi. Maybe one day we will know what engaged 他的 aircraft that night, and he, and 约翰·卡拉汉, can be vindicated.


约翰·卡拉汉 & The 日航1628 飞碟 Encounter;最终确认的FAA凭证-pt1-


约翰·卡拉汉  的  Japan Airlines 1628 Fame

保罗·迪恩 保罗·迪恩(Paul Dean)

      One 的 my favourite 飞碟 cases is 的infamous Japan Airlines flight 1628 event which occurred on November 17th, 1986年, over Alaska. So wide spread was 的media coverage 的 this incident that even people who know little to nothing about 的UFO matter have at least vaguely heard 的 it. For anyone who doesn’t recognize 的case, put simply, a cargo flight from Paris to Tokyo encountered three 飞碟’s for a duration 的 31 minutes, all 的 which were picked up, to varying degrees, by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) primary radar and United States Air Force (USAF) primary radar. The voice tapes 的 的radio communications, target data print outs, Air Traffic Controller statements, etc were all released in 1987 and make for some 的 的most powerfully compelling evidence found regarding 的UFO matter. Probably 的best report on 的event was written by retired United States Navy physicist Bruce Maccabee. His final report can be viewed 这里 : http://brumac.8k.com/JAL1628/JL1628.html

Adding even more weight to 的event was 的testimony 的 retired 的 ficial 约翰·卡拉汉 who was, in 1986年, 的FAA’s 事故,评估和调查 Division Chief. Callahan came forward and blew 的whistle in 2001, and, came forward with hitherto unknown paper records, video tapes, voice tapes and other material to back up 他的 claims. Since then, Callahan has participated in two documentaries, three “disclosure” style conferences, and made numerous statements for researchers concerning 他的 involvement with 的JAL 1628 case – and 的cover-up 的 的event, as we shall see.

至少对我来说,JAL 1628案是UFO历史上的关键事件。我定期–正如任何认识我的人所期望的 – studied it at some length. One issue key to 的case has, however, troubled me for some time: Despite 的wealth 的 information, much 的 it 的 ficial record, about this extraordinary event, it seems that no one thus far has been willing or able to actually verify 约翰·卡拉汉’s exact role at 的FAA. Some armchair debunkers have even claimed he may even be a fraud. In 都 this post, and a sequel, I shall present an appraisal 的 Callahan’s employment with 的FAA, and 的various high level positions he held in 的late 1980’s。通过大量的挖掘,再加上与卡拉汉本人的漫长讨论,我现在完全满意他的公开声明和主张。

对于那些不熟悉约翰·卡拉汉的人’故事的一面是:首先,阿拉斯加郊外的FAA官邸中没有一个人知道这一事件,直到日航的飞行员肯吉·特里乌基(Kenji Teriuchi)决定不再逗留无声。在12月上旬,不明飞行物遭遇后的数周,辉六与庞大的Kyoda新闻社联系,在他位于伦敦的酒店房间举行了一次私人会议。京田随后联系了FAA’的阿拉斯加地区总部于12月24日成立。保罗·史蒂克(Paul Steucke)安克雷奇(Anchorage)的一名后卫新闻官员通知他们,确实发生了一次不明飞行物事件。在整个12月的最后几天以及整个1987年1月,这个故事在世界各地的新闻界大爆发。事态发展时,阿拉斯加地区总部与约翰·卡拉汉(John Callahan)联系,约翰·卡拉汉(John Callahan)如前所述,是华盛顿特区事故,评估和调查司司长。 Callahan完全不了解UFO事件,并告诉阿拉斯加联邦航空局官员告知媒体和其他来敲门的人,“事件正在调查中”。卡拉汉进一步要求阿拉斯加地区将相关数据转发给位于大西洋城的联邦航空局技术中心,在那里他和他的上司哈维·塞弗尔分析了证据,最重要的是,在平面视图显示器上回放了雷达数据。雷达数据与来自美国联邦航空局和美国空军的飞行员和空中交通管制员之间的对话录音带进行了匹配。此回放和搭配录制在录像机上,供以后使用。

当天,卡拉汉和塞弗尔向美国联邦航空局局长Donald D. Engen海军上将做了简报。恩根上将最初给了他们五分钟的时间。当他意识到事件的严重性时,他开始取消即将举行的会议。 Engen观看了当天早些时候录制的全部录像,此外,指示Callahan和Safeer不要与任何人讨论情况,以准备完整的演示文稿,或者“dog and pony show”正如Callahan所喜欢的那样,第二天在FAA圆厅为各种官员服务。恩根甚至与总统交谈,以促进总统科学技术人员参加即将举行的会议。这次演讲按计划进行,美国联邦航空局(FAA)的许多技术专家参加了会议,此外,中央情报局(CIA)的三位代表,联邦调查局(FBI)的三位代表和总统的三位科学家也可能参加了这次演讲。里根’的科研团队,其中不知名。在会议结束时,中央情报局的一名工作人员说:
Moreover, 的same 中央情报局 staff instructed Callahan that they were taking all 的data, 的paperwork, 的video tape, any-and-all material that 的FAA had accumulated. What no one knew was this: Callahan kept copies, in some cases 原件, 的 everything, including 的primary radar target printouts, 的video tape 的 的first analysis on 的Plan View Display, 的pilots report, 的first 联邦航空局 report, first generation copies 的 的voice communications tapes, etc. Callahan has allowed serious researchers to study this material, and is willing to further testify that all 的 what he, and 他的 documented evidence, says is true.

正如我在本文开头提到的那样,约翰·卡拉汉(John Callahan)’的工作经历和职业证书,尤其是他声称担任美国联邦航空局局长的角色’事故,评估和调查区域几乎没有经过验证。我希望今年能够改变这一状况。在没有详细说明每一个调查步骤的情况下,我以各种方式搜索了记录–在美国政府目录,FAA新闻稿等中都有约翰·卡拉汉(John Callahan)在1980年曾在FAA任职的经历’,并且,存在“事故,评估和调查”1980年在FAA内的分支机构或部门’s。令人担忧的是,只有极少数–我的意思是说四个–约翰·卡拉汉(John Callahan)在美国联邦航空管理局(FAA)时提出了参考,但没有一个与他声称的相符“事故,评估和调查”区。实际上,我所能找到的只是约翰·卡拉汉(John Callahan),“质量控制部门经理” 的 的“质量保证人员” under 的“空中交通协理”。下面是一个这样的清单的捕获。


Not knowing how to track down Callahan directly, on 的10th June this year I got in contact with author and journalist 莱斯利·基恩(Leslie Kean) who has spoken to him at length. The JAL 1628 story appears in Kean’s excellent book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on 的Record”Luckily I had been in contact with Kean previously, so it was not an issue for me to ask her for a favour: Get Callahan to contact me, and iron this 联邦航空局 employment issue out once and for all. Within a day, she got back to me and indicated that she would ask Callahan if I could contact him. He was agreeable to this, and on 的12th 的 June I introduced myself via email, and outlined some 的 的questions I would be presenting him in 的future. Over 的next few months –甚至直到今天– Callahan and I have been in contact, and we have covered a lot 的 ground regarding 他的 role at 的FAA and 的infamous Japan Airlines 1628 case itself. In my next blog post I will detail, with documentation, Callahan’s 联邦航空局 career; especially during 的mid-1980’s when 的UFO event occurred. For now, a teaser – I am entirely satisfied that Callahan is 的real deal, and hopefully all 的 you will be too.


拉里·金:星期五’s 飞碟 Show . . . Bang or Bust?

拉里·金徽标& Flying Saucer
弗兰克·沃伦(Frank Warren)
© 11-10-07

     One 的 的things that Ufologists constantly yen for is “serious attention” by mainstream media in regards to 的phenomenon; consequently when someone 的 拉里·金’s stature and or recognition addresses 的matter we Ufologists tend to get a little “giddy.”

It’s a rarity that 的“subject 的 飞碟s”成为King之类的平台’s或就此而言“news” venue like “CNN.” Even more exceptional is to be in such an environment and be devoid 的 的usual background organ music, stage fog and 的“lighthearted manner” in which 的subject is broached.

All can agree that King is no stranger to 的phenomenon and has delved into it for decades (although very sporadically); no doubt he has a “personal interest.”而且,大多数人都会同意,他平均给Ufology a“fair shake”; however, after “his” 上一个节目 早在7月,以及最近播出的“respected” 国家地理, along with 的debacle by 安德森·库珀 在国王’s same network, “CNN,”这些榜样引起/引起了关于拉里周五的叙述的焦虑’关于这个非常重要的问题的节目。

在国王’s last “UFO themed show” there seemed to be a predisposition on 他的 part, reflected by at times 他的 mildly sardonic attitude. Additionally, 他的 meek administration as moderator 的 他的 own show precipitated unwanted squabbles, and confusion on 的set. For those 的 us that pay attention, this was a big disappointment!

Worse yet was 的show that 他的 young colleague, “Anderson Cooper” hosted i.e., “Anderson Cooper 360°” on 的“O’Hare Incident”去年尽管这涉及“身份不明的飞机” in 的second busiest airport in 的world, in a post 911 era, witnessed by dozens 的 airport employees, Cooper chose to “make light 的 it!”

以下“that debacle,”当一个人以为不可能’更糟的是,《国家地理》播出了 “掩护历史:真正的罗斯威尔。” 这部作品充满了影射性的,令人反感的形容词以及空白的错误信息和虚假信息!非常人(Ufologists)“used” in 的show rebuffed it, and further stated that had they known what 的end result would have been, they wouldn’t have participated!

这把我们带到了上周五晚上’s show, "飞碟S: Are They for Real?" Right away 的very title 的 的show gives 的knowledgeable researcher pause; even 的“studious layperson” is aware 的 的fact that 的term, “UFO” was borne by 的“Air Force.”

For 的ignorant 的Air Force “officially” entered 的term “UFO” into 的military lexicon back in 1952 (although it was 用过的 的 ten before that time). This replaced 的more common term (then), “Flying Saucers” to describe what people were witnessing flying in U.S. airspace. That said, asking 的question, “are 飞碟s real,” is nonsensical! It would be akin to asking 的question “is 的Empire State Building real?”都没有道理!

Another curio, given 的caliber 的 Ufologists Larry has interviewed over 的years, as well as 他的 experience on 的topic, certainly Larry knows better to pose such a “silly question”;有人想知道为什么他会允许这种困惑继续下去。

星期五晚上的重要意义’s show is that it was/is a slight prelude 的 what is to come tomorrow, Monday 的12th in Washington D.C.: According to a recent “press release”:
“. . . Experts from seven countries will divulge what they have discovered about 飞碟s at a November 12 panel discussion moderated by former Arizona Governor 法夫·赛明顿 (R) at 的National Press Club.

. . . This panel consists 的 some 的 的most qualified people in 的world with direct experience in dealing with this issue, and they will bring incredible, irrefutable evidence, some never presented before . . ..

. . . The group, using previously classified documents, will discuss many well-documented cases, including two investigated by 的US government . . ..
Readers may remember a similar event produced by 的controversial, “Steven Greer.” Although lines have been drawn in 的“Ufological sand”关于格里尔本人,最赞扬他的努力“his”早在2001年的新闻发布会上。就在明天,格里尔(Greer)召集了一群“可靠,高素质的证人”他们分享了一些令人振奋的信息。此外,该团体宣布他们将给予“every detail”国会议员,因为他们不会因违反任何安全誓言而受到起诉。

Five 的 的participants in tomorrow’的新闻发布会出现在拉里’周五晚上的表演,包括:
  • 詹姆斯·福克斯 –纪录片制片人(UFO)和明天的联合制片人’s event.
  • 法夫·赛明顿– The former governor 的 Arizona and witness to 的huge “V-shaped craft” seen in 的western US in 1997.
  • Colonel Chuck 停– The former deputy base commander 的 Bentwaters Woodbridge, a U.S. military base in Suffolk, England and direct eyewitness to 的“不明飞行物在Rendlesham森林的遭遇。
  • 吉姆·彭尼森– Retired Woodbridge security supervisor who at Bentwaters actually saw and touched said craft on 的ground.
  • 尼克·波普 – Former government 的 ficial for 的British Ministry 的 Defence (MoD), who ran 的British government's 飞碟 project.
  • 约翰·卡拉汉 – Former division chief 的 accidents and investigations branch 的 的FAA in Washington.
Admittedly, in 的aftermath 的 Larry’s previous show on 飞碟s, even though this episode had very competent guests appearing, I held my breath, and expected 的worst! Suffice it to say 的worst didn’来。这绝不是一个“homerun for Ufology”; however, it was certainly a step-up from 他的 last (Larry’s) effort.

Most definitely 的declarations from 的afore mentioned panel was 的highlight 的 的show. In particular 的statements 的 “Halt & Pennison,” regarding 的“Rendlesham Incident,”以及前FAA部门负责人,“John Callahan’s” report on 的Japanese 747 being pursued by a 飞碟.

One would think that even from 的layperson’的观点,这些“有资质的退伍军人”坚定而清晰地展示了各自的宣言。

有“Nick Pope” a former “insider” if you will, concur with 的thesis presented by 停& Pennison certainly gives supplementary plausibility for 的less informed. Nick literally investigated 的UFO phenomenon for 的“英国国防部。”

During 的segues there were snippets 的 飞碟 photographs, videos, interviews etc.; although some had nothing to do with 的subject, and a few might have been detrimental to serious research, in toto it was palatable.

One thing I noticed, and I might add was a pleasant surprise: not once was there 的video 的 的“flare drop”与被错误地称为“配音”的东西有关, “The Phoenix Lights.” 有林恩博士的片段’s “lights” but 的10:30 耀斑下降 was not aired—thanks Larry!

Regrettably, but not surprisingly, Larry and 他的 producers were not neglectful in regards to 的“fringe element” 的 他的 audience; this was evident by including actress, author, spiritualist, and for lack 的 a better term, all around paranormalist, “Shirley MacLaine.”现在要清楚,我没有反对“雪莉·麦克莱恩(Shirley MacLaine);我尊重她的意见,并佩服她的食物!也就是说,她是一个“square peg” for a “round hole” in this instance.

From 的producer’s standpoint, they were doing a show about 飞碟s, she’s been in 的forefront lately regarding her statements in her book concerning 库奇尼奇’s 飞碟 sighting, and then 的interjection 的 that into 的last democratic debate. She is controversial, etc., I get “why she was on”;但是,这确实没有’t help 的Ufological 原因, as we know 的ignorant already have to contend with 的stigmas surrounding 的phenomenon by itself, much less 的added controversy MacLaine brings to 的table.

Since 的premise 的 的show was, “UFOS:它们是真的吗? ” then 的 course Larry and 他的 producers wouldn’t leave out “the opposing view,” or in this instance 的“comedic segment 的 的show.

当拉里第一次说出封顶“James McGaha’的名字,我畏缩了!然后我发自内心地笑了,“where’s Michael Shermer” when you need him? Although Shermer spews 的same flapdoodle as McGaha, 他的 delivery is much more polished, and he is a likable sort; McGaha you just feel sorry for.

Initially, I was little perturbed that McGaha would be given 的same consideration as these high caliber witnesses; however, as has always been 的case with McGaha, he is 他的 own worst enemy! In 的aftermath I just found it improbable that any one rational individual would lend him credence.

Unfortunately, for those who are truly interested in 的subject 的 飞碟s, yet remain skeptical, and would have liked to have had intelligent questions and or debate for 的witnesses, McGaha wasn’他们的男人!他惨败!

麦加哈之后’s display Friday night, one can envision even 的most hardcore 的 药剂师’s 在他和自己之间拉开距离。

All and all I gave 的show a C+. It certainly went past my expectations; however, rendered no positive surprises.

The value 的 的show is that 的 的“它提供的小窗户” for tomorrow’的事件。此事由“James Fox” and 莱斯利·基恩(Leslie Kean)”应该为之鼓掌!

This effort by them, as well as 的witnesses who join them to share their respective 飞碟 experiences, and their quest to get 的government’s attention in regards to 的seriousness 的 的UFO phenomenon is a cause that has been championed by those who have preceded them for 的last 60 years!

知道这一点令人振奋“cause,” i.e., 的pursuit for “disclosure 的 的truth”在2007年还活着!

慕丰 的实时观光报告